Charlie's Campaign

Get ready to fight!
Tournament preparation

There once was an ork called Meepo
His friend was a bard and a creep so
They went to a tourney
To make meepo horny
And killed everyone that they beat, oh!

By George Potter

Basically shits gonna go down

City of Markets Adventure

We went to the city of Markets. Our weapons were tied up. We bought some stuff. Urine performed, nearly got arrested, got a licence to busk. Went to an inn, heard about the festival of the silver sceptre and tournament. We will enter the tournament at our earliest available opportunity.

Two players and a skeleton awakened

We were attacked by vines, Mepo killed them. We came to Youtrid, Uron convinced a guy to kill himself and raised him as a skeleton with a magic whistle they found in the sunless citadel. He did a ‘Spooky Scary skeletons’ performance and got 8 platinum pieces. I went to a Druid who, after being unable to cast dispel magic, awakened me instead. Uron awakened Ben and the skeleton.

The magic apple

Ben and I stupidly ate a magic apple, I turned into a hawk and he turned into a viper. God damn it! We got into a fight which ended up not existing (20 mins wasted) and faced a challenge rating 9 mob which also doesn’t exist anymore. I’m still a hawk, Ben’s still a viper. We should become, in my opinion, a happy party and go to the trade city before we miss the festival.

Belak and the Gulthias
George and Luke kick bottom

With a group of goblin minions we headed deeper into the citadel after the goblins promised to show us the way to Belak. But they soon betrayed us because an old bugbear didn’t like us. Oh well. Meepo killed lots of them and I helped. Johanna had found her way to the dungeon and followed us as a healer. We then krumped a few goblins, bugbears and skeletons. Then I was made really weak by a weird shadow thing but was saved by a magic Morningstar. We rested for a few days. Then we went and found Belak and killed him. Such fun. Now we have loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of loot, including a magical sword called Shatterspike which is the twin of Grond.

  • we continued exploring
  • we found tons of javelins
  • I picked them up
  • lol :)
  • we intimidated some goblins
  • snowmen were built
  • lol again
    *Snowmen were melted
  • lol again
  • I smashed a bat
  • and a baby dragon, I want to tame it

I arrived in this disgusting little town called Oakhurst two days ago. All the peasants were smelly and there was only one wench with a pretty face and large bosoms and she had an STD. Urgh. Now I’ve gone adventuring and so far I’ve got to watch about ten things die! Yay! There is this big old Orc called Mepo Jr. who I like quite a lot; he’s very good at killing people. We proceeded into this dungeon, killed some goblins, fell down a hole, watched my pets die, almost got killed by skeletons, almost got killed by hobgoblins and had to kill this man who was rambling on about putting us in his cookpot of something. Good banter really. Now Mepo and I are the only ones left alive and we are just chilling and smoking weed.

mepo's log

We carried on through the second level of the dungeon. mr plonker was on my back as he was unconcious, so we slept untill he had awoken. Ravortious Kavorak who we all thought was dead, supprised us by emerging from the mud pile after mr. plonker had attempted healing him. He was very weak. Then that orc we had seen earlier in the goblin’s chest finally came down and followed us. He seemed very familliar and simmilar to me. as our party was now back to full strength, I opened the door on our left. after carefully searching for traps untill I was satisfied i went through the door. there were eight pillars all carved out with dragons. there were tables too. one some of these tables were bowls of herbs and weeds. to try and investigate what in feth they were, I set fire to them and tried to find out if they had any magical properties. they evedently did as I was filled with confidence. my strength was getting weaker though and I felt dumb and slow witted. this made no difference when the goblins came though. Two died where they stood but only after thier leader had dealt two critical blows to the orc and he died. We water orcs are much more hardy than our surface cousins. He then turned to Ravortious Kavorak and killed him oughtright while I finished off the dire rats. The goblin chief then turned to me and tried to hit me with his shiny morning star. He missed and mr plonker was able to magically daze him. this stopped him attacking me and then i was able to finish him off. I took his shiny morning star and gave my old one to mr plonker. I ckaimed his skull and that of the goblins to help awaken Grond just that little bit more.

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