Arachnae Kavorak


I was born in the city of Bahmar in the province of Bahmautis of the frigid north at the very top of the world. The story of my parents is a tragic one, when they set out upon their pilgrimage unlike most they had something they wanted to accomplish instead of just general adventuring. Their goal was to destroy the demon Ragnorak, which lived within the Arreat mountain, east of Bahmar. For many years they fought against Ragnorak and finally penetrated his inner sanctum. When they returned they told everyone that they were successful but the ordeal had blinded them, they both wore black strips around their eyes. Then at the feast of faces, just hours after my birth they tore of the black strips to reveal red eyes and the metallic tint of their scales was painted on. They were dragons of Tiamat, they had been consumed by the madness of Ragnorak and they served him. The damage was done however and Ragnorak’s minions were charging the walls. Swiftly my parents were slaughtered but the evil minions of Ragnorak had nearly taken the walls and the Bahmarians were unprepared for attack. After many hours of siege Bahmar finally defeated the demons but Ragnorak escaped back to the Arreat mountain.
For many months I was debated over, many of the powerful families of Bahmar demanded my death because being born to evil parents they reasoned I would be evil. However I was a Kavorak and my uncle was the ruler of Bahmar, his vote counted for alot and he believed that the worth was in the deed and not birthright. He brought me up with his three children Ravortious, Seaenel and his oldest son, a paladin. In recognition of my parents, one of which was his brother, he called me Arachnae which in the inner circle language of Bahmar means daughter of the spider (Ragnorak was thought to be a giant spider).
During my early life I did see some signs of evil. I was prone to bouts of anger and ,in some cases when I am particularly hurt, complete evil. I kept this to myself though it was clear to me that I had some of Ragnorak’s madness inside me.

I was raised with my two brothers in the inner city Kavorak mansion which was where the Kavoraks always lived; it is a very grand place and the largest family dwelling. The way Bahmar city works is that each ancient family has a certain allotted space within the city and an amount of land outside it. If a new line is created they must build their own dwelling. As a tradition the first born child of the Kavoraks is a paladin and the second born child a sorcerer and after that the third fourth and fifth children may choose their path. The paladin always focuses on the will of Bahamaut while the sorcerer goes into the study of the planes. My father was a paladin and so the first born and leader of the Kavoraks and my brothers are the heirs, if they were to die however I would be heir to the house of Kavorak and lord of Bahmar.

Since our city was one of heroes there were many tales, most famous of which was of the founder Jiopartik Kavorak who journeyed for hundreds of miles to find the perfect place to make a city. He eventually found a place where the barrier between all the planes were weakest and there he founded his village upon the arctic wasteland at the top of the world .When he reached the place he had chosen he found Bahamaut standing there whereupon Bahamaut rewarded him for his service by giving him the method of becoming a dragonborn. So Jiopartik founded the city and named it after Bahamaut; and to show his love for Bahamaut founded a temple on the very spot where the planes were weakest .From this comes tradition the of Bahmar that says non-dragonborn children are not allowed outside of their family’s area within Bahmar for it is shameful to see a face that is not dragonborn and not in your family until the day in which you depart at the festival of transcendence which marks the day which Jiopartik Kavorak learned the methods of becoming dragonborn.

The second most famous tale is the tale of the faceless wars in which the tribes of the strange fought for the holy ground where the plane’s borders were weak. My great, great grandfather x10 was leader of the Bahmarians at the time. It was a long and bloody war lasting many years until some of the faceless people snuck into the city wearing hooded cloaks at the dead of night snuck into Bahmar and killed Tirus Kavorak(great grandpa x10). Such was the anger of the warriors that they launched an outright attack on the faceless and slaughtered them until there was but a remnant left of their numbers. On that day every hundred years we celebrate with the festival of faces and toast to Tirus Kavorak. From this has sprung the tradition that every hundred years on the week of the festival we must be suspicious of all cloaked figures but only for that week. We are then ok with hoods for the next century until the next festival.

Next comes the story of Lambagout Astinore, the mad sorcerer. Lambagout was born to the family of Astinore the seventh most prominent family of Bahmar at the time. He was the second born and so made to be a sorcerer. When he came of age he travelled of to a far off land and was forgotten about until he returned 30 years later, people were usually much quicker to return than this. He returned not at lv10 as was tradition but at lv17. This was not kindly taken but Lambagout didn’t care. When he returned he ran straight to the temple and shrieking “Let me pass; it is my destiny!” He then overpowered the temple guards and stormed into the holy place within the temple. He then shouted “Pazuzu, Pazuzu, Pazuzu” and pazuzu appeared when he boomed “What is your wish!” and Lambagout cried “To open a portal to the abyss”. At this pazuzu laughed evilly and cried “Very well, if you know the price” and then disappeared. Seconds later a dark window appeared in the air and out stepped a demon prince by the name of Ragnorak followed by a horde of lesser demons. Lambagout at this point cried out “Demons, I have summoned you, I am your master and you shall perform my will” The demon prince only inclined his head and Lambagout Astinore was devoured by a horde of demons. This event would have been the end of Bahmar if not for ten great worms of Bahamaut swooping down and killing the demons before flying away again (Ragnorak escaped to somewhere). (. The portal closed seconds later as fortunately Lambagout had not asked for a permanent portal. The family of Astinore was shamed greatly and they were demoted to the 20th most important family, firmly out of the higher circles of Bahmar’s politics and denied all access to the temple for the next 6 generations. This is we now have the festival of demons every year and the reason that sorcerers study the planes, to prevent such an incident happening again.

There is also the tale of Sithilliadia Hulidarn, female head of the house of Hulidarn who upon her return came riding a dragon of Bahamaut, which she had found and raised from an egg on her travels. This caused a great celebration of valour in Bahmar and since then the descendants of that dragon have been rumoured to make up a secret order of dragonborn who ride dragons; they are said to all have longer-than-average life because Bahamaut was so pleased with the idea. Some say this secret order is the last line of defence to be our saviours if all else is lost. Others say that they are members of Bahamaut’s army and that they fight a never ending war with Tiamat and her dragons.
So I grew up with many stories like these and many more.

Arachnae Kavorak

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