Euron Daegel

Fey aasimar bard


Euron is short, standing just over 5’ 6. He has long, black hair which he tucks behind his ears. You can tell his celestial heritage from his golden eyes and shining skin, whilst his scaly draconian wings are the mark of the fey. He always has a knowing grin on his face and is completely irresistible to women. He appears younger than he is due to his bloodline, appearing no older than 25. He is actually 66 years old and knows more of the world than many of those who appear older than him. However he bears a strange affliction with a mysterious cause. Ever since he was young Euronext has been extremely weak and unable to lift nearly so much as others his age. His dexterity has also been compromised by this curse, although he is as healthy in any other way as a normal person.


Euron was born in the town of Dannos. His tendency towards chaos and the darker side of fey and celestials led to him being driven out of his town though. He travelled round the world with only his instrument to earn a living. Ever inquisitive he soon learnt the basics of magic and began to practice. At the age of 51 he decided to cross the sea and travelled as a ships navigator to the town of Kychee. As He left the ship he stole a vast amount of gold from the coffers and fled with a newly bought horse and dog. He wandered for many years until arriving at the town of Oakhurst where he heard of the sunless citadel. All his life Euron has been persued by a half elf ranger called Tashagh the silent who hunts him endlessly with his wolf, Thildaw. His only goal is anarchy. He has no motivation for evil other than to watch the world burn.

Euron Daegel

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