Meepo Skullkrumpa (jr)

sexy orc, who likes to collect skulls


Meepo is an orc who once was a man. He has long black matted hair with green skin, covered in scars. He gets very angry a lot and is incredibly nasty in a fight. he is extremely uninteligrnt though.


Mepo jr was once a brave warrior-king of mankind called Gortheus the Frisky. a lord of many lands that have long since disappeared under the sea after the people broke the curse of man and ventured too far south into dwarvish territory. He had many many wives, (269 to be precise and all with massive…ahem…I am getting sidetracked.) his favorite of these beauties was the elf Tish. Maiden by day and successful prostitute by night, (unbeknownst by mepo).

This fair Queen’s hair was ginger (obviously) and she was the delight of his life. He had met her when a village was being attacked by a very angry fighter, Awesome the great was his name and he had a habit of attacking every thing he saw and his ancestors all died VERY VERY quickly [in the spirit of good natured banter, ben], this beastly man seemed to be in search of a long lost greataxe that was stolen by a gnome called erky. When Gortheus came to the village, he cast him away from the kingdom to Oakhurst, a lowly town who was having some political trouble after its mayor had died of chlamydia. After this victory all the ladies of the village became one large swooning mass who had somehow lost their clothes (or so they told their fathers) and came to confront Gortheus. Gortheus, being a gracious ruler chose only the fittest to be his wives, and Tish was his favorite.

Months passed and eventually his wives became tired of churning out children (he had 1 wife for every day of 9 months with a few spare.) One day Gortheus caught Tish in the act of cheating, and in his shame, he went into exile bringing only his beloved greatsword grond, who had been magically enchanted by the smiths to set alight any foes and also, for the undead to be struck with a mortal blow. [sort of smite and fire aspect in minecraft terms] this caused him to be seen wandering the land, tortured by grief, for many years. he settled finally in a grand city called Mortasden in the coastal region near Youtrid. here he made a living of tuning ladders into poles and selling them for more, until the long and fateful winter of 2853 when the land was invaded by gnomes from the north and that city was the last to survive in that realm.

The men of the city having heard of gortheus’ tales of long ago and begged him to aid them, but gortheus would not come. the towns folk reminded him of his old name ‘ the frisky’ and said they would shower him with their daughters if only he would help the defences, for this is how great a warrior he had become. eventually he agreed not for the women but, although they made a persuasive case, but for Tish, in the vain hope, he could redeem himself.

Redemption seemed a long way off as he stood upon top of the outer walls bellowing commands to the ranks below. the gnomes cried out savage insults of their own kind but were not having the same effect upon the men. “KOBOLD BREATH” was one of their particular favorites. And thus the battle began. Great volleys of arrows came flying down at the gnomes but they were futile as the goblins were hardy folk, and these were the warriors. several were felled, but they were too numerous and soon they reached the wall. great ladders and wooden towers were erected out of what little wood was in the surrounding wastes and it was at this point that Grond was the most vital. three gnomes died where they stood as the very first blow in the defense of Mortasden flew down. in the next few minutes many more gnomes died a fiery death in agonising pain. Not all the men were like this though and soon the walls were becoming overrun, not just from the north but from behind as water variant gnomes swam up through the drains and joined the fight in the city and air gnomes from the sky. these last of all were the hardest to face because the townsfolk were gazing in wonder at humans with wings and the y did not take cover from the rocks raining down on them. eventually after retreating to the keep the rain came and the gnomes halted the attack, for a new piece had come into play. A legion of dragonborn of Bahmaut had come flying down from the north to liberate the city. with a new fire of hope in his heart Gortheus lead a sortie from the main gate along with the dragnbornes the cast out the gnomes.

But the damage had been done.

The water of the city was now poisoned by the gnomes blood and as no aid was sent the city fell into ruin. the people turned wild and maddened by grief. Gortheus left, slowly his will was wasting away. Eventually he came across a selection of milk chocolates in a small forest. running to investigate his foot was caught in a snare and out of the trees a kobold came laughing mercilessly. He seemed very proud of himself.
Before Gortheus could react the dastardly kobold cast a spell, putting Grond into a slumber. then he cast a temporary paralysis spell on him, and shoved Gortheus onto a cart.

They travelled to a cave in a town called Oakhurst, the very same that Awesome the Great had been banished to. Under the town they went. Into a secret chamber they went. Where Meepo could conduct his breeding of super soldiers in secret, away from the other Kobolds who were living there. Meepo tortured him. He changed his skin, his bones and even his mind. Gortheus the frisky was nomore. he was now Meepo Jr. A new mind was sewn into Meepo jr’s thick skull. Meepo wastold that Meepo Snr. was his father. He had saved him from death. Only two things remained of the old Gortheus. Grond although it was now cast into a deep sleep. And his love for Tish. He was still very attractive to women of all humanoid species but he hadnt had a big breasted friend for a year now. One day when meepo went into town for some food Meepo Snr. was dead. Meepo swore revenge. His main quest now was to collect as many skulls as possible to destroy the spell paralysing Grond.

The person who Meepo Jr has a pure hatred for, because of what this person has done to him:
The gnome chieftan, thymous.
he was the masterind of the attack on Mortasden which rent meepo’s life in two. He swore an oath to kill him. He is a powerfull fighter who can command armies of gnomes with great tactical skill.

Meepo Skullkrumpa (jr)

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